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Post-holiday diet: 4 quick and tasty meal ideas (with pinsa)

For many people, September is the ‘January’ of autumn, the ideal time to renew resolutions and take care of oneself after the summer break. Usually, September resolutions are not that different from winter resolutions, even though outdoor life is in itself healthier than the one spent at home or at the office and makes the need for change less pressing than in January. However, the gist does not change. 

Post-holiday diet: balanced and healthy

Among the good intentions when coming back from holiday is always that of the post-holiday diet, i.e. returning to a balanced diet, including more fruit and vegetables in one’s daily eating habits and reducing the intake of high-calorie foods and sugar. 

Many people also want to resume or intensify physical activity, choosing between walking, running, swimming or other activities that help keep the body active, preparing it for necessarily less dynamic months. There is always the gym, but it is not the same.

There is, of course, no shortage of good intentions regarding stress management, as people (rightly) aim to maintain throughout the year the more beneficial and relaxing summer routines, such as morning walks and meditation time.

September also marks the resumption of work, which inevitably leads to a reduction in the time we can devote to ourselves and, for those who do it regularly, to cooking. Between meetings, deadlines and commitments, finding space to prepare healthy and tasty meals can become a real challenge

It is in this context that it becomes essential to discover ideas for quick dishes that are also light and tasty, so that we can start a balanced diet and take care of ourselves despite the that time never being enough.

Post-holiday diet: why not a Pinsa Romana?

We have dedicated an in-depth article to the role of pinsa in the diet, to which we refer for more details. Here we reiterate that one of the key aspects that has determined the success of pinsa is precisely its lightness. 

Pinsa Romana is highly digestible thanks to its flour mix and the small amount of oil and salt used in its preparation. This makes it a lighter and lower calorie choice than traditionally similar dishes such as pizza or focaccia.

Of course, it is important to eat it in moderation and to keep the topping light, but in general, pinsa can become an excellent idea for a balanced and tasty diet.

How to choose ingredients for a diet pinsa

The choice of ingredients plays a key role in making pinsa the star of the post-holiday diet. First of all, the basic rule is to favour fresh vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, spinach and artichokes. This will give you a good dose of fibre, and then you can add lean proteins such as chicken, turkey or fish. Vegetarian options such as tofu, mushrooms and chickpeas are also good protein alternatives.

Cheese is important for the taste and softness of the dish, but should be chosen and used carefully. Obviously, reduced-fat variants such as light mozzarella or ricotta should be preferred, so as to provide creaminess without compromising the calorie balance. A drizzle of extra virgin olive oil will add a touch of flavour without exaggerating with the calories; but be careful with the amount. Fresh herbs such as basil, parsley or rosemary can complement this, intensifying the flavour and palate pleasure. 

Post-summer diet with Di Marco: start with these 4 recipes

Let’s take a look at some light recipes that can be made in a (very) short time thanks to our Pinsa Romana bases, for a winning post-summer diet. 

Vegetarian pinsa

Vegetarian pinsa is a light and tasty option. To prepare it, start with a layer of fresh spinach on the base, which provides important vitamins and minerals. The tomato intensifies the flavour and provides a slight moisture, while slices of zucchini add a crunchy texture and a very delicate flavour. To complete the dish, you can add a bit of light mozzarella for a pleasant topping without an excess of calories.

Pinsa with ham and artichokes

Pinsa with ham and artichokes is a recipe that combines flavour and lightness. For this preparation, you can start with a source of lean protein such as thinly sliced ham; artichoke hearts, cut into wedges, add a tasty, fibre-rich note. To top it off, you can opt for a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil or, again, some light mozzarella.

Pinsa caprese

Pinsa alla caprese is a light and refreshing recipe. To start, you can place slices of buffalo mozzarella on the base, which, although higher in calories than light mozzarella, is still an excellent source of protein and calcium. Pay attention, of course, to the doses.

Then you can add the halved cherry tomatoes and fresh basil leaves, which provide a fragrant aroma. To season, the ‘usual’ drizzle of high-quality extra virgin olive oil. One drizzle though, not two. 

Chicken and bell pepper pinsa

A tasty and light combination of flavours. To prepare it, you can start by dicing a grilled chicken breast and cutting the bell peppers (also grilled) into thin strips. Using peppers of different colours will also add a touch of brightness. Here again, light mozzarella as topping will add to the creaminess and smoothness.

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