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We’ve sealed a three-year partnership with FIGC. We’ll stand alongside the Azzurri throughout this adventure and beyond!

A big shoutout for Pinsa Di Marco, which, not surprisingly, has a nice oval shape, like a stadium! You could tell we are rising to the occasion, right? And here’s the news: we are pleased to announce an exclusive partnership with Casa Azzurri, the official hospitality area of the FIGC and the Italian National Football Team. This collaboration unites the very essence of Italian passions that we are honoured to represent, in Germany as in the rest of the world: a love for great food, conviviality and football, and unwavering support for our team.

Special Limited Editions How to make you part of all this? To mark this collaboration, every package of Pinsa Romana Di Marco will sport the Casa Azzurri Limited Edition design and, by scanning the QR-code, you will have the chance to see the recipes dedicated to the Champions. So, you too will be able to experience the mouth-watering flavours and exclusive pairings created for the occasion: a great way to feel like a star and create something in the kitchen…rest assured that pinsa is always a quick fix!

As the Azzurri embark on their adventure, we’ll be at Casa Azzurri, with our pinsas, our chefs and our recipes! Casa Azzurri is the beating heart of hospitality for the Italian National Football Team; it is the gathering spot for fans, supporters and partners: a place for all sports lovers, that offers a unique experience and represents the essence of Italian football. There you will find that spirit of aggregation that unites all Italians and spreads to all other visitors and guests as well. Therefore, our culinary support carries an important meaning, adding value to the significance of Made in Italy cuisine, especially away from home.

Stay tuned and if you want to know more about Di Marco and Casa Azzurri, have a look www.lapinsadicasaazzurri.it 

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