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Pinsa digestibility, or how to achieve taste without heaviness

Digestibility is a concept we all have to deal with. When we choose a light snack for lunch, when we

According to Eurispes’ 35th Italy Report, there are 2.5 million Italians who follow a vegetarian diet and 1.5 million vegans.

In the hustle and bustle of modern life, one thing we all lack is time. We are always busy, and

After the holidays we have the opportunity to reconsider our eating habits and lifestyle. For millions of Italians, getting in

Christmas holds an important place in the hearts of Italian families, as a time of unparalleled connection and sharing. It

Food waste (or food loss) is one of the great scourges of our society and of an era that, on

When it comes to pinsa, the most natural pairing is with pizza. Yet, there are so many pillars of the

Nutrition plays a fundamental role for our health, and the key to preserving it and keeping fit is to choose


More and more Italians are choosing frozen foods. According to IIAS data, in 2022 frozen food consumption reached nearly one



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