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Di Marco pinsa base: the 5 secrets of taste, lightness and digestibility

Pinsa is now established as a dish that combines irresistible flavour, lightness and unparalleled digestibility. More than two decades after

Many people have the bad habit of neglecting lunch at the office, as if it were one among many things

Pinsa can meet the need for light and tasty foods, typical of spring. Here's how to cook it.
How to organize a picnic, and most importantly, what to eat? Let's discover why pinsa is a great choice.

We’ve sealed a three-year partnership with FIGC. We’ll stand alongside the Azzurri throughout this adventure and beyond! A big shoutout

Pinsa allows you to experiment without requiring special and complex techniques. It is an excellent product, known also for its

The break is that special time when a snack can make the difference between facing the rest of the day

Digestibility is a concept we all have to deal with. When we choose a light snack for lunch, when we

According to Eurispes’ 35th Italy Report, there are 2.5 million Italians who follow a vegetarian diet and 1.5 million vegans.



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