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Sweet pinsa: the innovation that surprises the palate

In the culinary world, innovation is pushing chefs and experimenters to explore new frontiers of taste. Pinsa, traditionally associated with savoury variants (just like pizza), is becoming an increasingly interesting and popular sweet dish. It is certainly worth trying. 

Why prefer a sweet pinsa to a cake or biscuits?

When it comes to satisfying the desire for sweetness, Italian tradition has always offered us a wide choice of cakes, biscuits and soft puddings. Why should we prefer a sweet pinsa? The answer lies in its uniqueness.

Contrasting textures

The sweet pinsa combines the crunchiness of the base with the softness and creaminess of the toppings. This contrast of textures makes every bite an explosion of flavour. Above all, it can be a rare culinary experience, and for that reason, a very fascinating one. Moreover, sweet pinsa allows anyone to experiment with an infinite variety of flavour combinations

Lightness and balance

One advantage of sweet pinsa is its lightness. Compared to traditional cakes and desserts, sweet pinsa is more balanced, appealing but not heavy: it is therefore also perfect as part of a diet, perhaps in combination with seasonal fruit. Above all, it is ideal for those who do not want to feel guilty. 


Sweet pinsa breaks the monotony of traditional desserts. Its presence in a buffet or as a dessert in a restaurant adds a touch of originality and surprise that catches everyone’s attention. People love innovation: tarts and apple pies will never die, but they can certainly give way to something more modern and innovative.

A dessert to share

Pinsa is a dessert to share. Its oval shape and individual portions make it perfect to be enjoyed in company, making every convivial moment an extraordinary experience. 

Five minutes to prepare it

One of the tastiest and most popular sweet pinsa is the one with Nutella. Its preparation is so quick that it can be made to suit the needs of the moment in just five minutes, starting with the pre-cooked pinsa base. If you decide to welcome friends home, you can be sure to offer them a tasty and easily digestible option.

Taste sweet pinsa right now: the 5 best recipes

We want to bring you into the universe of sweet pinsa in the best possible way. We have therefore come up with five ideas that will captivate you: from the classic Nutella sweet pinsa, which combines the crunchiness of the base with the softness of the cream, to the pairing of fresh strawberries and Chantilly cream, and the daring combinations of lemon and chilli.

Sweet Pinsa with Nutella

A classic combination loved by all, sweet pinsa with Nutella has an intense and perfectly recognisable flavour. The crunchy base and hazelnut crumbs and the soft and sweet cream create an extraordinary combination. As mentioned, preparation takes just a few minutes.

Sweet pinsa with strawberries and Chantilly cream

A summer delight that creates a balance of sweetness and freshness. Strawberries and soft Chantilly cream create a very interesting combination of flavours and textures. 

Sweet pinsa with lemon and meringue

For the lovers of sweet-and-sour, this sweet pinsa is especially striking for its freshness. The sweetness is provided by the layer of crunchy meringue, which also emphasises the crunchiness of the pinsa, while the lemon-flavoured sugar gives a hint of acidity that is the dish’s signature element. 

Apple and Cinnamon Pinsa

A rustic and comforting dessert. The pinsa is the perfect base to place the thin slices of apple, while the cinnamon powder and brown sugar provide a spicy touch that complements the sweetness of the apples. To complete the recipe, consider adding a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Sweet pinsa with dark chocolate and red pepper

For the most ‘adventurous’ palates and lovers of unusual combinations, this sweet pinsa offers a daring experience. Intense dark chocolate blends with the spiciness of chilli pepper to create a mutually enhancing mix of flavours. Obviously, be very careful with the amount of chilli.

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