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Picnic, all the secrets: how to organize it, what to cook, and why choose Pinsa

With the official arrival of spring, the days get longer and the desire to spend time outdoors increases. From dawn to dusk, the daily hours of sunlight increase considerably, from 9 in January to 14 in May; this, combined with milder temperatures, underpins many pillars of the spring season such as weekend getaways, outdoor events (initially, during the central hours of the day), and nature walks. But let’s not forget picnics.

Picnic: what is it, its origin

The term «picnic» has a fascinating origin and can be traced back to the French word «pique-nique,» where «piquer» means «to pick» and «nique» represents something of little value.

The concept began to spread in the 17th century, when people started organizing simple outdoor meals, bringing food from home and sharing it with friends and family. In the 18th century, this term became synonymous with lavish outdoor feasts organized by the nobility during hunting parties. However, in the 19th century, the picnic returned to its roots, regaining the meaning of a simple, cheerful, and relaxed social occasion. This tradition has remained intact to this day, reinforcing its role in the recreational activities landscape.

The pillars of the picnic: location, accessories, and good food

Today, the picnic is a shared experience, a pleasant and simple way to spend time outdoors together, sharing a whole day, a part of it, or even just a meal. There are many elements that characterize it.


First, there is the careful choice of location, which can vary from green parks to picturesque beaches or gardens. One obligation: it must be outdoors.


The use of accessories such as blankets, cushions, and outdoor games helps create a fun atmosphere. The keyword is relax, which manifests itself in various ways: from basking in the warmth of the sun to engaging in a spontaneous game with friends.

Good food (and drinks)

At the heart of the picnic is sharing food, which makes this moment special. Whether it’s sandwiches, salads, or snacks, the important thing is to choose quality foods that can be eaten cold (with exceptions) and are easy to transport.

How to organize a picnic: key questions

Organizing a picnic is a pleasant activity, but it is undeniable that without careful planning, there is the risk of overlooking aspects that can affect the experience.

We have already emphasized the importance of choosing the location, accessories, and food; now, let’s explore some questions to ask ourselves to properly prepare for the event.

Weather forecast: have you checked the weather app? Having a plan B for adverse situations, such as a last-minute change of location, is always wise.

Attendance: how many people will have the same idea regarding the location? Will we have a sufficiently large space, or will we have to jostle for space? In this regard, avoiding peak hours guarantees greater tranquillity.

Comfort and hygiene: Have you thought about everything necessary for comfort and hygiene? Are there facilities nearby, such as toilets or water fountains? Do you have everything you need to manage waste (properly)?

What to bring to a picnic: the essentials

Planning what to bring to a picnic, excluding food (which we will discuss later), is essential for a smooth experience. Depending on how you want to spend time outdoors, there are various items to bring along.

First and foremost, comfort must be considered. A blanket or waterproof mat is essential to create a cozy place to sit. Pillows (even inflatable ones) can be added to further enhance relaxation, and a sun umbrella is even better for protection and peaceful rest.

Regarding entertainment, outdoor games like balls or rackets are excellent, but if you prefer to relax, then a good book and your favourite music cannot be missing. If we talk about what is really necessary, waste bags, glasses, plates, cutlery, and napkins should not be forgotten, and if the day is (very) sunny, sunglasses and sunscreen are a must.

What to eat at a picnic, or what to cook?

Another big theme, closer to our interests, is what to eat at a picnic. In other words, what to cook in preparation for the picnic.

The question is simple: what are the characteristics of the ideal dish in these circumstances?

  • First, it must be quick to prepare. There is nothing wrong with embarking on complex preparations and sharing with friends the fruit of days of work, but the picnic was born to be a frugal, simple occasion, without excesses and great commitment. Therefore, opt for practical and tasty options that require little preparation time, such as fresh salads, focaccia, sandwiches, or light snacks.
  • Versatility is the second key element because food is often shared at picnics and should appeal to most participants’ tastes.
  • Another fundamental aspect is the mix of lightness, digestibility, and energy. Choose healthy options that provide the necessary energy to enjoy the whole day without feeling heavy.
  • The food must be easily transportable. Opting for individual portions or foods that can be easily divided encourages sharing. Once again, focaccia, sandwiches, and single portions are ideal for a picnic.

Picnic as an opportunity to discover pinsa: 5 good reasons

We are biased, but we sincerely believe that our pinsa is a perfect dish for a picnic with friends. Here are 5 good reasons.

It is ready in just a few minutes

Starting from our pre-cooked bases, pinsa is ready in a matter of minutes. No complex preparation or dough to make: everything is already done, but without losing the goodness of artisanal production. Its simplicity of execution perfectly matches a frugal and convivial experience.

It suits everyone’s tastes

Have you ever met someone who doesn’t like pizza? Well, yes, but it is very rare. In this regard, the differences between pizza and pinsa are very slim. Moreover, you can customize pinsa with toppings that match most participants’ tastes. To play it safe, in this case, it’s best to follow some traditional recipes like Margherita, Prosciutto e funghi, or Quattro stagioni/formaggi.

Compact size: there is also the Snack

Thanks to its thin structure and the various available formats (including Snack, for one person), pinsa can be taken anywhere. It is the perfect solution for those who want a tasty meal without the complication of bulky containers or special storage conditions.

Balanced taste, lightness, and crispiness

Pinsa shines for its balanced mix of taste, lightness, and crispiness. These characteristics make it ideal for a picnic, where you want a satisfying but not heavy meal. Pinsa’s easy digestibility makes the event even more enjoyable and relaxing.

All eyes on it

Pinsa isn’t as famous as pizza. Some people don’t know it yet or haven’t tried it yet, and this is a strength because it arouses great curiosity. Its innovative character attracts attention, and then it wins over with its mix of taste and lightness.

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