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Di Marco pinsa base: the 5 secrets of taste, lightness and digestibility

Pinsa is now established as a dish that combines irresistible flavour, lightness and unparalleled digestibility. More than two decades after its creation (2001), pinsa is now distributed and recognized worldwide as a typical Italian dish. 

But why all this success? What secrets does it hold? Let’s find out together by looking at the characteristics of our most iconic product: the base of Classic pinsa.

Classic pinsa base: the 5 secrets of success

Behind the success of the base of Classic pinsa, but also of our other products such as Pinsa Multigrain and Snack, there are above all the ingredients and the processing method

The success of the pinsa is neither accidental nor purely aesthetic: behind Corrado Di Marco’s invention is a clear desire to innovate an industry that had been stagnant for decades and to give birth to something new by meeting the needs of consumers, who in 2001 were moving toward lighter, healthier and more digestible food, without compromising the importance of taste. 

The (secret) flour mix

Unlike illustrious competitors such as pizza and focaccia, the dough of Di Marco pinsa base is strictly made with a mix of flours, which gives the product a unique combination of texture, taste and nutritional properties. This is, in fact, the only real secret of our product, i.e. the proportion of the three flours within the mix is not public knowledge. On the one hand, we want to protect the originality of our pinsa base, but also its continuous evolution: the mix changes and evolves over time, being the result of constant research and experimentation aimed at making a dough that is always aligned with what consumers want. The three flours, on the other hand, can be revealed: 

  • wheat flour gives flavour and structure and acts as a glue, retaining water within the dough, giving the pinsa an elastic and easily workable structure;
  • rice flour adds crunchiness to the surface of the base, while inside it ensures a softness that melts in the mouth, creating a very pleasant contrast;
  • soy flour gives the pinsa base added value from a nutritional point of view, being rich in protein and low in fat. When we talk about pinsa as a balanced dish, the first reason is soy flour

The synergy between the different flours is at the heart of Di Marco’s pinsa base and one of the main reasons for its success. 

72-hour rising time and use of sourdough

Di Marco’s pinsa base is made extraordinary by the long leavening of the dough, which distinguishes it from pizza and contributes to the quality of the product. Pinsa is based on a 72-hour leavening, and this allows the flavours to fully develop and the dough to acquire extra lightness and digestibility. 

It’s not just a matter of time, however: what makes Di Marco’s pinsa base exceptional is the use of sourdough, a valuable ingredient that gives the leavening a more complex character and greater depth of flavour than traditional brewer’s yeast. In fact, sourdough not only ensures a more controlled leavening process but also helps make pinsa even lighter and more digestible

Artisanal production

Di Marco’s pinsa bases are handmade, one by one. It sounds strange for a product now distributed in large quantities and found at large retail outlets, but it is. The artisanal approach guarantees a pinsa with a genuine taste that respects tradition, as well as a perfect texture.

A thousand different dishes

Di Marco’s pinsa base stands out not only for its quality and taste, but also for its versatility. First of all, it can be enjoyed as a main dish, enriched with an endless variety of fresh and tasty toppings. In this way, it is the typical alternative to pizza and can be enjoyed at home, in pizzerias or pinserias. 

Di Marco’s pinsa base is also perfect as an appetizer or snack for cocktails and parties, cut and enriched with a selection of cured meats, cheeses and grilled vegetables. Or, it can also be offered as a dessert: try spreading a pinsa base with chocolate cream and decorating it with fresh fruit and dried fruit crumbs-it will be absolutely irresistible. 

It is prepared in 5 minutes and is available in multiple versions

One of the features of Di Marco’s pinsa is its speed of preparation, which makes it perfect for today’s hectic pace. We designed it for those who want to prepare something good in just a few minutes, but also for those who have no time (and/or desire) to cook. Pinsa is ideal for those who want to produce a quality dish without sacrificing convenience and speed. 

The Pinsa Di Marco bases are precooked, which means it only takes 5 minutes in the home oven to complete the cooking and to present a fresh and fragrant dish, ready to be enjoyed in all its goodness. 

Last but not least, Di Marco Pinsa Romana bases are available in different versions suited to different occasions and needs, but also appetite. In addition to the Classic and the Multigrain variant, we find the Snack size, smaller but not less tasty, and the Frozen version, for those who want to have a small stock at home taking advantage of the long shelf life. Never compromising on taste.

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