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Office lunch: ideas and recipes for a light and balanced break

Many people have the bad habit of neglecting lunch at the office, as if it were one among many things to do. They think about their afternoon commitments, and end up eating what they are given, which is not always very healthy. 

In this article, we want to delve into the eating habits of people who work and spend their lunch break at the office. We want to understand what choices they make, where they go wrong, and what could make their lunch perfect. The aim is to suggest pinsa as a healthy, tasty, and balanced alternative to what people have always done: lunch at restaurants, bars, or some packaged dish of dubious quality.

Where and what working people eat

Where do office workers go to eat? According to a 2020 research study by Nomisma, 45% of workers eat lunch at the office at least two or three times a week, leaving out those who have access to the company cafeteria. And what do they eat? 65% opt for a homemade meal, preferring light and healthy options: 38% lean toward light meals, 34% toward organic menus, and 23% toward low-calorie products.

These data show some interesting trends. First and foremost, a growing awareness regarding health and wellness. It is encouraging to see that a significant percentage of people are opting for fresh, light and healthy ingredients. The question, if anything, is about taste, and it is more difficult to give a definite answer: how many workers sacrifice taste at lunch, deeming it secondary?

Office lunch break: finding taste

Spending an office lunch break in the company of taste and lightness can be a challenge. Often, one is at a crossroads: opt for a light, anonymous meal or indulge in something tasty but unhealthy? How to find a compromise?

In the end, the greatest obstacle is always time. With only an hour to spare and, most importantly, with no desire to spend time in the kitchen before leaving the house to prepare the meal to come, it is essential to choose a dish that: 

  • can be prepared quickly
  • is healthy and light;
  • is tasty and balanced, that can break the monotony of a boring lunch break. 

To be fair, there is no lack of options. For example, a salad with a variety of fresh vegetables, lean protein such as grilled chicken, and a light dressing made with extra virgin olive oil has what it takes to make a good impression. Or, you could opt for a whole-wheat wrap stuffed with vegetables, black beans or chickpeas for proteins, and a Greek yogurt and herb dip. As a nutritious and flavourful idea, you could also go for a vegetable or legume soup prepared in advance and reheated quickly in the microwave. Hoping your office will have it, of course. 

Office lunch ideas: why choose pinsa

We think pinsa has all the qualities of a great office lunch: it is light, quick, nutritious and so, so good

Its light, digestible base, combined with a wide range of fresh, flavourful toppings, makes it an ideal option for those who want a meal that satisfies without being too heavy. The mix of flours gives it a low caloric intake (compared to other foods in the same category), but also a texture that is both soft and crunchy, as well as a rich, pleasant taste that satisfies the palate as well as giving the energy for the rest of the day. 

Pinsa di Marco is available in several sizes, among which Snack seems to us to be the most suitable for the typical one-portion office lunch. Obviously, nothing forbids eating a whole Classic Pinsa to satisfy a strong appetite, recharge the energy consumed in the morning, or to divide it into portions and share it with others. What we want to emphasize is that our pinsa cooks in 5 minutes in the oven at home, and if you add a light topping, 2 more minutes will do the trick. All it takes is 10 minutes before leaving the house and lunch is ready, as well as being healthier, tastier and lighter than many dishes bought and consumed quickly just to appease hunger.

Lunch at the office: 4 recipes to start

Seeking the perfect balance of convenience and pleasure for the office lunch break, we have selected 4 very simple recipes. We have not overlooked taste, because we know how important it is to appreciate every bite. So here are 5 suggestions:

Colourful vegetarian pinsa

Once the base is cooked, spread a layer of pesto over it, add chopped cherry tomatoes, pitted black olives and, if available, a few slices of yellow and red peppers. Absolutely delicious.

Pinsa with prosciutto and arugula

Create a layer of mozzarella over the pinsa, then add thin slices of prosciutto and a generous handful of fresh arugula. Simple but irresistible.

Pinsa tuna and red onion 

Add some tuna in oil (be careful to drain it well) on the base of the pinsa, then slices of red onion and Taggiasca olives. A real mix of Mediterranean flavours.

Tomato and basil pinsa

Spread a base of tomato puree on the pinsa, then add thin slices of ripe tomatoes and fresh basil leaves. A light and classic option.

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